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Democracy dies in darkness, of embarrassment

"Thanks for being a loyal Verizon customer." - ha


I got the Horde Vicious Fox. I will play the Priest more, but she doesn't have all the pvp talents yet, and pretty bad gear, and nobody likes disc now. I think it is best to get the talents now then wait for the next expac when everybody is in greens.

Altered Carbon (Netflix): I liked it. Some characters seemed a tad insane, though I guess that was part of the point.


I installed the Kemono Friends Pavilion app off the American App Store (search for Bushiroad), but now it has stopped working, with a button that demands the Japanese App Store. At least I got all the foxes, though I didn't get the video game for Red. #NoTatsukiNoTanoshi


There's somebody on the Intelligence Squared debate "Unresolved: America's Economic Outlook" who appears to be insane. America "can't survive" on a consistent 1% growth rate? The war on business is over? (bet that guy doesn't own a business.) "The most positive deregulation is net neutrality." Coal is booming again? Obviously, he helped write the Trump tax cut. He is literally arguing for the 1920's economy, energy, racism.


Ash vs Evil Dead #1: Groovy

The rise in people working from home means that some jobs could be decoupled from location altogether, making commuting obsolete. Soon it'll even be possible to get a good internet connection in the remotest parts of Alaska—so if you wanted to work as, say, a web developer in a place like Point Hope, which is above the Arctic Circle, you could (in theory) do the job as easily as if you were living in San Francisco.
from I would like to point out while my current career goal is to live in a shack in the woods, this points out a lot of rural space is impoverished not because of the lack of jobs, but the lack of everything else. I could do my job with a cell connection and solar panel for the laptop, but my current need for periodic cat scans would limit where I can live. While I personally can afford the time off to spend days traveling, the hypothetical Point Hope web developer might not.

ID-0: the last half is adequate. Not Outlaw Star.

Godzilla Netflix Series: I liked it. My one nitpick: the spacesuits in the escape were the same well-used model.


Winter 2018 anime


A joke combining Binchou-tan with a bit from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
This modern world has driven me to despair, but Binchou-tan is always genki

Project Binchou-stan continued in a holding pattern. It might just be because it is currently -10C and I have a hot water bottle under my blanket and my hands are still freezing, but I would consider moving to a warmer climate. I don't have so much money that I could move or equip a new household and buy a shack in Hawaii or someplace on a whim, and not enough willpower to actually move. Still only working part time, though I think that mostly means I just don't get paid a lot, but I also really can't work more than 2 8-hour days in a row.

A pre-post-apocalyptic theme that I am shamelessly stealing from Susumu Hirasawa. It continues the trend of making the text increasingly hard to read. Not sure as I can top this one. (If you were wondering: I generally don't read my own site. I grep the source files for titles so I can remember if I saw/read it. I was pretty sure nobody else is reading it either, but here you are.)

2017 Drivel

My sole remaining career goal is to live in a shack in the woods. No more resumes!

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