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A giant pile of pretentious ramblings that will probably prove embarrassing later on.

Democracy dies in darkness, of embarrassment

Winter 2018 anime


A joke combining Binchou-tan with a bit from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
This modern world has driven me to despair, but Binchou-tan is always genki

Project Binchou-stan continued in a holding pattern. It might just be because it is currently -10C and I have a hot water bottle under my blanket and my hands are still freezing, but I would consider moving to a warmer climate. I don't have so much money that I could move or equip a new household and buy a shack in Hawaii or someplace on a whim, and not enough willpower to actually move. Still only working part time, though I think that mostly means I just don't get paid a lot, but I also really can't work more than 2 8-hour days in a row.

A pre-post-apocalyptic theme that I am shamelessly stealing from Susumu Hirasawa. It continues the trend of making the text increasingly hard to read. Not sure as I can top this one. (If you were wondering: I generally don't read my own site. I grep the source files for titles so I can remember if I saw/read it. I was pretty sure nobody else is reading it either, but here you are.)

2017 Drivel

My sole remaining career goal is to live in a shack in the woods. No more resumes!

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