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Potent Brainal Odour

The Seige of Jadotville: foley work noticeably bad, at least according to COD

Ajin 2: The very end bothered me a bit, but still good stuff.

The Confessions of Thomas Quick: everybody is so nice.

Colony: all star cast, nice setup, but seriously lacking in scope. You could have cut this down to a 2 hour movie, and it still would have been a few personalities in front of the big events in the background.

Spectral: mostly just inadequate writing

Post Giftmas links:


It has been a month, and as predicted, Verizon has not sent me a paper bill with the account number. Either they didn't get around to it, or the address on the account was changed with the security settings.

Fall 2016 Anime Review: I really enjoyed Drifters, FliFla, Poco, Keijo!!!!!!!!!!!, Magical Girl Razing, Miss Bernard said., Ninja Girl. TO BE HERO, SENGOKUetc., NANBAKA, Hagane, Kitaro, Izetta were good. Though one could skip a goodly bit of Izetta and still get the same 2 stories (Izetta and shouta-nazi). Cheating Craft, without the resolution HERO had, tying up the randomness, was just random. I dropped March comes in like a lion and Occultic;Nine. I liked both stories, but elements in both started to irritate me more than the value of the drips of plot they doled out. I also did not watch anything that wasn't on Crunchyroll. I blame Legion, mostly. I haven't watched anything on Hulu in ages.

Minimalism: a documentary about important things: I'm no longer the audience for this, but I'm not really sure who is.

The OA: in case you needed more of Sense8's aimless rambling. Not finishing this, either, and I didn't even get as far as the interpretive dance section. every dollar spent on the war on drugs is not spent on genetically engineering cat-girls. Not mentioned: the only known uses of genetic selection to date are selecting for male babies and deafness. Intelligence is not one gene, success is not any gene, and the people who most want white blond babies are probably already white, blond. - I feel Apple is ignoring both the hardware (which, if you decided to ignore the pro/performance market, would be understandable as CPU's haven't gotten that much faster than what's already in a 5k iMac) and also the software. It is unfortunate that they don't have at least fusion drives by default. There's another article calling out God Emperor Trump's assertion that 47% of US is unemployed. While I agree official counts are low, that number seems a bit impossible (does it count children? When he said he'd bring back coal jobs, putting kids back in mines isn't what we thought he meant.), there is the fundamental change in the nature of employment. Even if you could bring back all the human manufacturing, there isn't the demand for that much stuff, because workers aren't getting paid as much and have much higher housing, educational, and medical expenses.


AmeriHealth sent me a membership ID. The postal date is the 9th, as/after I complained about them on Facebook, but I only got it hours before the deadline and a day after I had canceled it on I'm pretty sure they won't get the cancel on their own, so I'll have to create an account on their website, then cancel the account, just so they won't bill me for Feb. I gave up on ever getting the money back. On the other hand, the new people didn't even attempt to connect to the payment thing, so I'm still waiting on their snail mail, and hoping they have electronic payments so I can get it in before Jan 1. I might be stuck hoping their ineptness means the cancel didn't go through just so I have somebody under contract before God-Emperor Trump repeals the whole thing.

3%: I had the dubbed version on while I was working, so a lot of this is about the table read quality audio, but the soap opera quality diminishes it. There are also bits of the end that seem disconnected. I did like the underlying concept.

The new insurance doesn't even connect their payment system to I'm sure they are going to mail me yet more paper. - I let my SMIME certs from startssl expire, mostly because of their CA problems, but also that I never use it, and can't with my web-gmail work account which is what I really wanted it for. I still think the WoT could be useful for proving identity. (Like a signature, it doesn't matter that a weaker key can be hacked, just that an artful forgery is hard.) I do wish Apple would add SMIME key management to Mail. Mail's support of the keys it has is already pretty seamless, so using the Messages key generator should be pretty simple, and offer a big boost to the Mail app and .icloud account, and to Apple's crypto cred. With all the hype over Signal, nobody mentions Messages does all that and more. I could also point out you can do all the encryption PGP does (more, given that the Mac app doesn't support EC) using OpenSSL, which comes with a Mac or Linux OS. You have the same public key verification problems, and the same lack of convenience (more, given the Mac app's features).


For the Love of Spock: Young LN was super hot in the 1950's.

I got another urgent notice from asking me to pay the premium, for which I have a bank record, from a month ago. I can't log into the payment site ( or even reset the password because they have no record of my email address. I don't recall setting up an account there either. I think just forwarded me directly into the payment page. I can't register on the actual company site (, because even though I have a plan ID, they also don't know who I am. They may legitimately not, if the payment people (who could be a completely separate company, given the url) lost the transaction. There's no point in calling anybody as every review describes their customer support as useless. So, that's AmeriHealth New Jersey @AmeriHealthNJ. Again, that's AmeriHealth. They eat your money like a broken vending machine. Hopefully, this will do exactly $344.88 worth of reverse advertising for them, because I'm pretty sure I'm never going to see that again.

The man from the future: nice enough, though all time travel stories seem to involve Trump sooner or later. And a Brazilian Chris Christie. Truly this is the darkest timeline.

13th: should be seen, though perhaps ideally not while working on a web site about "freedom" dripping with wealth and white privilege. Remember, you can become a slave by accident! Betcha didn't know that!

The news had somebody pointing out opioid abuse rates correlate (somewhat) to Trump votes, and postulates both as a symptom of the fact that hard work no longer equals success, and white America is just figuring this out. I figured that out 20 years ago. My solution is not medicated despair, though. A simple, cost-effective life style will allow you to enjoy what you have. Spend less than you earn, no matter how much you earn. It's OK to earn less if it means more pleasant time. I lived a miserly life style, and now no longer need to work to support a life style that could actually be a lot less miserly than it is. On the other hand, if I get seriously sick again, all my effort and saving over the last 20 years will be to have enriched the medical industry, so I guess Big Pharma wins either way.

The 100 #3: the first half drags a bit, not helped by that guy being literally Hitler. (history repeats as tragedy, comedy, then teen drama, then Trump.) It does get moving, and expands the SF backstory, which I appreciate.


Department Q: all horrible people.

Into the Inferno: Meandering, and those Best Koreans are skeletal. Those are the people Great Leader wants representing the country? I still want Werner Herzog to narrate my daily life.

Johnathon Strange and Mr. Norrell: Slightly silly, but 5 hours after I meant to watch the first one I finally peeled myself out of the chair and oozed off to bed.

A while ago I complained that the number of error messages in the Mac console were a danger sign. Just checked again now to see why Open Office crashes on startup (segfault 11?), and while I had that open and looking at the crash logs, it generated another 4,290 messages. Most, but not all, of that is ITunes noting it isn't updating the track info and mds apparently indexing the iTunes message. Looking at the the logs it seems to be constantly doing random crap and complaining about it, all night long. It complains that WoW uses too much cpu, or Chrome wakes too often. Somebody is trying to simulate a watch. The wifi is complaining that can't talk to anyone, probably because the wifi isn't on. Various bits of Apple software complain about bugs in other bits of Apple software. I wish my bugs could complain about themselves, but it doesn't help if nobody is reading this crap. As a shareholder, it doesn't matter if Apple doesn't actually sell Macs given the success of the phone, but I would be disappointed if they don't keep the OS up to date. - I agree that it will be necessary to separate one's self worth from a career. Even as I thought some of the jobs I had (well, mostly just the one) were a waste of time, I still clung to the concept of having a career.


Speaking of insurance companies' terrible e-commerce, the new people are worse. The billing form had the account number and routing backwards, which I only figured out because of the max length on the inputs, and it appeared to fail and told me to pay the paper bill (so much for finding somebody who can respect my email-only contact preferences), but while that bill did arrive, they had already electronically billed it! I only noticed that by accident, minutes before I was going to write a check. The message was wrong. Now I have no idea if the automatic billing will happen for February, or if I'll get an invoice first, pay it, then find it already billed again. Too late now, but I'm going to go with the brand name company next year.

Speaking of billing madness, Health Republic sent me one last bill for 0.00. I would like to apologize for helping drive them to bankruptcy, but they could have spent a bit more to upgrade their e-commerce.

In related phone news, I don't have control over my verizon account any more. Either the account got hacked, which is possible given the crappy 15 year old password, (though it's only $30, and I still have service) or Verizon added the blank secret question all on its own, which given that logging into residential sends you to wireless is entirely possible. The phone slaves are nice enough, but won't access the account without the account number, which I don't have, as I don't have decade old paper bills. My email address and phone number are no longer attached to the account, even though I'm still getting phone service and the bill still arrived at the email address.

Jamie Rubin has good news for his tax matter, according to the voice mail. Though judging from the 55 other calls in the last 2 weeks, it is in fact not good news.


Last Chance to See: (not the original) This is where Stephen Fry broke his arm as just seen in Stephen Fry's America.

Stephen Fry's America: I do want to see Lake Powell.

2016-11-13 - I have a basic income from my savings, and agree, it is pretty nice. I would like to add that even with a basic income, or at least with the way I generate it, it is not possible to be financially secure. A unexpected recurrence of my medical issue, or perhaps when during a hospitalization a random doctor puts a hold on my discharge and vanishes for 3 days, leading into a snow storm for another 3 days, at $6,000 a day, could result in out-of-control medical expenses leading to the consumption of the nest egg and lost of compound interest. This would also represent the ultimate in unionization and the end of what one might call, in the Trump era, Mexicanization. I saw another article about how necessary it is to have guest workers to do farming because Americans don't want to do that work. As if Americans were unable to feed themselves before the invention of illegal aliens. The fundamental problem here is not the people, but the "that work". If Americans hear stories about the terrible conditions, low pay, and know that they'd be the only English speaking person there, who would sign up for that? And be poor enough to be looking at nontraditional work, but rich enough have a car to get out to the farm? The thing is, the conditions didn't use to be that terrible. The pay, admittedly, was always bad, but when you had local farm labor, you had access to physically fit people with convenient transportation (feet) who had less tight margins to be profitable. You could get city folk back out on the farm with less demanding labor for beginners, better mass transportation, and augment their UBI pay with irregular produce. Just tell millennials there's free wifi and they'll be swole. You'll have no shortage of people looking for artisanally picked produce. Stories about slave-like conditions, rape, being locked in trailers and carted around are not things Americans would put with. Mexicans will, apparently, but shouldn't. Nobody should. If the work can't be done while maintaining dignity, it shouldn't get done. Custodians didn't used to get locked into the building overnight. Walmart didn't used hire people and tell them to apply for welfare because their full time job didn't pay enough to lift them out of abject poverty. Or something slightly closer to home, offshoring. Every company that says there has to be more H1B visas because there aren't enough Americans is lying. The fact that Americans are required to train their replacements is proof enough of that. Companies like H1B people because they are essentially bound to the company. If the company wishes, that person is removed from the country. The new person puts up with worse conditions because there is no alternative. This produces a new bar for even worse conditions. For actual farm or cubical farm, as long as there is somebody for which there is no unacceptable condition, conditions will decline. Profit motive will always push the externalities on to something else: the environment, the workers, the customers. A basic income would at least provide a minimal amount of degradation workers could avoid having to do. I turned down a job just because the office had a flickery florescent light. There would have been a time when I would have taken it, but it would have driven me insane. I'm not not working, I'm just not suffering.


MacOS "sync desktop to cloud" destroyed all my mother's data. I had the foresight to not turn it on, but my mother did, and there was too much data to fit into the iCloud account, and it deleted the local desktop and documents folder. Because it couldn't upload the last 66 files, the finder wouldn't perform any operation on the iCloud disk, such as copying them back, or finding and deleting enough to let the last few files upload. Turning off the sync or rebooting did not help. You'd think it would check the file size before copying, or not delete the local copy until the copy had completed. I had to restore the local copies from a backup and delete the cloud files with a command line. I always assumed the backup was to protect the computer from my mother, not the other way around. Although she did manage to open hundreds of odd binary files in the iCloud Preview folder in text edit.


Kuromukuro 2: very nice.


As soon as I install the v5 licence, Steermouse stops processing the mouse's cursor speed buttons. The reason I got that instead of the more capable controlmate was controlmate couldn't see those buttons. It started working again. I guess it just had to let me know who's the boss.

10 Cloverfield Lane: the end annoyed me.

Dark Matter: Even better. Android still best crewman.


Fall 2016 Anime


The Midnight After: chronically unfocused script

The Pack: by the numbers

Blackout: I liked it. I still want to make a post-apocalyptic movie with "found" footage.

David Cross: Making America Great Again!: It took me a while to figure out this is before the nomination. We had such hope and optimism then.

Holy Hell: "Bob" loves you, but not like that.


Longmire 5: the characters, situations, and dialog seem to have gone downhill.

Blacklist 3: a lot of the middle seemed what the Anime community would call filler, but the end is good. Though there are a few technical things I could argue with.

Apple Mail Hack: block spam with no content by adding a filter that requires an 'e'. Ideally, of course, one could require that the mail be properly formatted, or that Verizon could filter this crap on their end. I've gotten several thousand spams recently, all with some html as the text body, but mail ignores all of it when displaying (good), but also when filtering (bad). The filters have nothing to see, but also can't filter for presence of nothing. An e is common enough that there should definitely be one in any legitimate message. This will filter out /NT messages, but with Slack and so on, nobody needs that any more anyway. It might also filter out media only messages, but the ones I looked at also still had e's in them. It would also drop mail with out that glyph, should linguists concoct a mail lacking it.

All of my corporate blog posts got dropped, because somebody said I was suggesting we all be socialists. As with most Internet arguments, the article was not clearly read: I pointed out socialism is the best option to allow a post-industrial world for the current population, but I was suggesting we eat the rich. Important distinction there. The passion that caused all my articles to be removed will also prevent any practical effort to share the wealth of the pre-post-oil economy. Acknowledging that, there is only to take that wealth, from the wealthy, in the form of calories in the post-oil economy. You can't eat money.


Anime 2016 Summer Review: Thunderbolt Fantasy is a standout this season. The Chinese pronounced in Japanese vs. the romanization is a tad confusing, but well worth experiencing. 91 Days is good, but the mob less my thing. I enjoyed Amanchu!, if less than Aria. Binge-watching Aria is a trip. Tribal Tattoo was an uncoordinated mess. Mob100 was OK. I liked the story much less than 1PM, but the art is super old school. NEW GAME!, Art Club, Mononokean were watchable, though I don't know about a second season. (My waifu is a fox demon computer programmer, to combine all 3.) Qualidea Code, The Outcast didn't live up to initial promises. sweetness was ultimately "small". Nothing happens, they eat some food. I suppose it would mean more if the single father concept was novel in America. Re::ZERO was still a solid win.



WoW Legion: Been enjoying it. It is a huge revamp of everything. Loads of lore, lots of stuff that doesn't feel grindy. The leveling to 110 just opens up multiple new leveling avenues. Profession quests are fun, though it means I couldn't just feed mats back to my factories. They all need to be leveled a bit. Made huge amounts of gold buying and reselling epics. The fox mount is a complicated random drop, but I will keep at it. Speaking of which, one of the few bugs I got was the scenario crashed before I could loot the chest at the end. You have to run dungeons, even mythic, in order to complete quest chains, which is awkward for dps only classes, or me because I'm afraid to tank.


Kolchak: The Night Stalker: got less sexist, racist, ageist as it went on, but it started pretty far out there. Obvious X-Files source material. Would not recommend actually watching it, but nice enough in the background, or while sitting in the tub for heat waves.


Tracker: the end was a surprise.

The Little Prince: the best part is, of course, the fox. Also, the hatchback.

Makkhi: cute concept, and nice fly, but unwatchable

Rise of the Legend: could have been shorter, but Anime infused kung fu.

I know that voice!: nice. There was a possibility we would do a website for John DiMaggio. This movie?


Turbo Kid: better than Stranger Things at late 80s nostalgia. For me, at least. I'm not a huge Stephen King fan.

Demon hunters: the dps one is really fragile, the iMac can barely handle the invasions at lowest settings. They are both named after anime demon hunters, Youko (or Devil Hunter Yohko, though Youko's characters also mean "fox demon' and I'm not sure that isn't just different romanizations) and Makaryuudo.


The Future of Water: episode 1: Water costs money! Water riots! Human rights! The free water the government gives is not enough! Wait, what?

The Shannara Chronicles: I like post-post-apocalyptic things and LotR fantasy, but I think this manages to botch both. The magic system, while visually interesting, is not grounded in either source. The YA love story is weak. The "perfectly sealed" cave full of bats was humorous. Why are the races exactly the fantasy types? You could call them that, but just make the gnomes the descendants of Guatemalan gardeners, the demon language is Spanish, and the magic is just cell phones. Such as: the 100. The tree was totally unexplained, though a similar system could have been used in B5.


In Does Elon Musk Understand Urban Geometry?, while points are made, I don't think it is "elite chatter about abolishing the bus". "one’s own tastes are rarely a sound basis for public policy", but neither are one's own experience with inner city or regional buses. My experiences were terrible. An over-crowed bus that frequently appears in clumps 30 minutes to 60 minutes later than expected, blocks traffic when stopped, is slowed by traffic when running. Putting 20 times more smaller vehicles on the road durning that entire 30 min period, all of which only stop once each, both seems manageable and practical. One might assume that many of the other cars on the road are people not served by buses. PRT wouldn't change the number of cars on the road, but it would reduce the number of cars in the city, reducing double parking, opening up lanes. Subways or zoned BRT still wins in terms of density, but can't approach PRT's customization. This article doesn't address at all how automated mini-buses would help cities that don't already have massive transit networks. Or how it would help regional rapid transit. Or the sick or elderly, whose needs rarely match rush hour commuting.

Trump or Dementia: "“Has the person become agitated, aggressive, irritable, or temperamental?” the questionnaire asks. “Does she/he have unrealistic beliefs about her/his power, wealth or skills?”"


Stranger Things: Wasn't great, possibly too many children, and a few too many things left unexplained (if you are going to have so many nerd nostalgia points, be prepared for the nitpicks), but it was ok.

"BlackBerry CEO John Chen said he is "disturbed" by Apple's tough approach to encryption and user privacy, warning that the firm's attitude is harmful to society." - so the guy who used to sell secure phones, including phones used by the highest of foreign and domestic government officials, was all that time willing and able to sell out any of his customers for the correct bit of paperwork?

Circle: the ambiguous very ending annoyed me a bit, but not bad. Alternate ending: the winner wakes up in a new room full of other winners.

Terminus: nice enough concept


from Commentary: Universal Basic Income May Sound Attractive But, If It Occurred, Would Likelier Increase Poverty Than Reduce It: "It’s also equal to close to 100 percent of all tax revenue the federal government collects." The fundamental problem is not that government could spend 3 trillion a year on poverty, which is what this seems to indicate, but that the other side of that equation, the all tax revenue, is so degraded by mega-corp lawyers and poor government spending. Simply throwing money at people avoids a lot of that. "We’ll already need substantial new revenues in the coming decades to help keep Social Security and Medicare solvent and avoid large benefit cuts in them." The problem with Social Security isn't the money coming in, its that the government already spent the money it got decades ago. Although, yes, you would need to deal with that. "We’ll need further tax increases" etc. God forbid you should cut the military or spending on the wealthy. He talks about how it would eliminate various programs for the poor, but it would certainly require eliminating similar programs for the wealthy, and all their overhead. I do agree with point that anything that is universal benefits the rich.

16 Blocks: pulled the ol' Judy Hopps, eh?

Tracers: stupidity, sexual harrasment - How nice for Microsoft, and such a blow to Neflix's plugin's author. Who was that again?

Point Break (2015): I think that was better than the original. The extremeness of extreme sports and remote photography have gotten so much better.

Summer 2016

The funimation followup section


Interview with a Hitman: nice, though there were a few scenes that did not seem connected to those around them.

I think Apple should install less stuff by default, but not using the Windows Home Ultimate Media Edition madness, rather the Ubuntu "svn is found in package subversion" model. I just bring this up because I have yet another "Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update" that's been sitting in my update queue for weeks. I don't want it or need it, but also can't get rid of it. The system could have come with none of that installed, but the first time something used it would unpack it.

So the St. Louis Police Officer's Association (@SLPOA) tweet "I do hope you're happy" at the President. You know, the guy they also think is trying to take away all guns. That's nothing compared to the guy stating that "real America" is coming for the President and black people, or the ex-Congressman threatening the president.

Boom Bust Boom: Not the greatest info, but Terry Jones.

Prescription Thugs + The Mask I live in: the toxic masculinity culture.


Close Range: one day, Scott Adkins will get the movie he should be in.

Pandemic: skipped most of it.

Morneau Shepell needs to get their act together.

I think the end of Girl Meets Bear is offensive, in which Machi has a break down at an idol contest, returns to the village and becomes a happy idiot who doesn't have to think, and this coming from somebody with a limited ability to make human contact and whose sole remaining career goal is to live in a shack in the woods. Natsu lives in the woods, has limited human contact (on account of being a bear), and still knows things. Why couldn't that have been a resolution? Why couldn't she have ordered the cake online? Why not sell remote villages to NEETs? In related news, GMB is free on Funimation's site. Karmaburn


I got this in a voicemail: "Mitch, I said outside the number that's on for the tax in panama this season. Give me a call or you can call him and tell him that I'm here. I remember you giving him the number alright.". Now I want to call back and ask for more info. It could be a tax haven! You're going down Mitch! I expose your unpatriotic schemes!

Rock the Kasbah: muddled, watch Murray do his thing.

The Giver: not terrible, but too YA. Shin Seki Yori's second half also covers what happens when that baby grows up. Interesting corollary to the gun debate: if we can't control guns, are we willing to control the emotions that lead to mass killings, though adequately funded mental health care? Through invasive police state pre-crime? Nerve Stapling?

Barkley Marathon: nice doc. I could totally do that, if only I could get up a flight of stairs...


Monster Hunt: weird CGI and dance numbers Just ask Ayn Rand: if it is right to withdraw from a society that does not give you 110% of the results of your labors, is it not more right to withdraw from a system that at best treats you as a crop for the 0.1%?

Wildlike: aside from Alaska, a fountain of stupidity.

Tokyo Fiance: nice visuals, but there is no exposition or plot.

Sugar Coated: I think my diet is pretty good, but I shop monthly, so I don't get a lot of fresh vegetables.

That book on garbage I like:

A while back the calendar alert sound stopped playing on the iPhone. Now the replacement sound is not working, but the original sound works again. Debug that, Apple! Although I'm in no position to cast stones: I have 2 apps, identical set up, identical map directives, yet one of them gives me a no-api-key error and displays nothing. Worse, it was working 2 weeks ago, and I haven't touched it. (I did break it! the init function had been buried in the coordinate update, which I stopped calling when I didn't have coordinates.)

Still annoyed by the amount of disk usage Chrome and now Launchd are using. Not diskio, but fs_usage reports Chrome hitting select nearly 100 times a second, every second, while I'm looking at fs_usage in the Terminal. A lot of things are writing constantly, but it is mostly launchd and Chrome. Also Dtrace and related scripts are broken. The more I look at the diskio writes, the weirder things are. Why is helpd writing to the disk for 15 minutes at a time? coreduetd? I don't have a compatible iOS device but it still needs to store 5MB of nothing, and you can't even shut it off without disabling the SIP because the UI checkbox is gone. AddressBook? mds? Given that the only disk changes are these writes, not file saves, that seems like a waste on top of a waste.

Synchronicity: Loving homage to 80's SF movies (though I'm not sure if "Network" qualifies as dystopian SF, or at this point, a documentary), scores high on my love of concrete megastructures. Also, Netflix's comments are getting markedly more stupid. Not Youtube level, but pretty stupid. Either that, or this is just what the youth are like these days. Mr. Beale, meddling with the primal forces of nature? Nobody got that? The script is full of references. The changes in the city are also close to that dream or bacterial hallucination I had in the hospital. Georgia Film Board? Call me, I have ideas.

Jericho 1: To celebrate the pending Trump Presidency, a conspiracy laden nuclear holocaust. A bit too much soap opera, not enough Fallout.


In 13 hours of light browsing, Chrome wrote 2 GB. The network only received 1.5GB including Safari and my lunch anime, so it definitely isn't just caching pages. Launchd also wrote 1.7GB on boot, which seemed odd and beach-balled for a long time. Not sure what that was about.

Last Man on the Moon: Also depressing, though a much better film. What was it all for? Some concrete structures in Florida?

Catching the Sun: mostly depressing, from the guy who thinks only environmentalists pick up trash and thus lives surrounded by trash to the WesTech in Texas, currently listed as "employs a staff of approximately 2".

The Iceman: Dumont, NJ!? That's where the geolocator thinks I live!


I just noticed Chrome is writing huge amounts of data. It downloaded less than 1 MB, but wrote 15GB over however long that process was running. Google says it is probably flushing the localstorage to disk repeatedly, but that's been an open bug for years.

Electricity: DNF

Chronicles of Evil: not as dramatic as the title.

Heavenly Creatures: drawn out like a wire near snapping

Jackrabbit: nice visuals and concept, but the plot ultimately provided few details.


By the 21st century, it was clear that the enclave had replaced the network as a preoccupation of urban designers. The enclaves are as bad as individual buildings, just larger. When I consider network, city, and skyways, I mean it in more the computer sense. The value of a building (or enclave) is not just in what it is doing inside, but in how well it connects to the Internet, or the surrounding city. A skyway has an additional benefit of getting people away from cars, but it primarily allows a second connection not tied into the street grid (or lack of grid, depending on geography). "The original goal was to build interconnections between the first two levels of the city, conjoining the buildings into megastructures" I'd argue for 4 or 5 levels at various heights joining mixed use buildings into megastructures, so that to connect any 2 points, one could take an assortment of elevators, walkways, subways, street level buses, elevated rail/bus, local, express and regional options, etc. providing greatly increased redundancy and flexibility. There's also the point about the blank walls: all of this needs to be a lived-in space. Both the interior and any exterior views need to be considered. The story about Disneyland spending as much time designing the lines as the rides, because that's where the people are, would be an example. There's no point in having a street level green space if it doesn't have any connectivity value, and the cops are likely to harass anybody sitting in it, or you can't put benches anywhere because the homeless will sleep on them. Conversely, there's no reason to not have all the streets be a park if the cars are all somewhere else. You could have Moses' vision of running highways directly through cities without also slicing apart those cities. The people in those cars would experience the city as large tunnels, parking garages and large advertising. Those garages would exit into pedestrian areas, with smaller advertising, and exits into shops and transit, which would have the smallest advertising, and a mix of offices, factories, and housing. A standard office campus, instead of sitting next to its parking lot, down the street from a residential district, would be sitting on top of a parking lot on top of a subway, with a light rail line running through it, and under a residential tower. Ideally, the workers there would live there, but if not, every commuter leaving would be matched by one coming in, so rush hour transit isn't always empty one way, crushed the other. Switching to manufacturing would just be more loading docks in the parking lot, more freight on the rails. I'd also argue, as did H. G. Wells, that windows are over-rated. He argued for putting everything underground, and I wouldn't go that far, but if the view out the window is somebody else's window, both those units would be better served by expanding across the empty space, adding machine controlled ventilation, and enough LED lights and interior design so it looks like you might have a view, or live in an art museum, or in a cave, as with my interior. New York gets its water from upstate. I think it should get its air from upstate, too. Once you are living in a megastructure, the threat of fire is perhaps larger (more people, activity in the same building) but the risk to a person is lower (fire bunkers, multiple exits from every interior/windowless unit, multiple ways to get out past the nearest firewall). Consider also speed and mortality. One could, as with NYC's Vision Zero, attempt to get to the better end of those mortality curves by reducing vehicle speed. However, absolute Zero is only really achievable by keeping pedestrians away from traffic entirely. There is no good end of a mortality curve, and attempts to reduce injury by glueing victims to the hood of a car isn't addressing the fundamental problem that cars are not human scale. Car needs and pedestrian needs will never be the same. Self driving cars may give the car super human reflexes, but it is still a car. A car can be the best car in spaces designed for it. Side benefit: this reduces the complexity of driveless cars to an already solved level. What is it really like to live in a city like this? Fortunately you don't have to go to Hong Kong or Calgary, or make massive changes to some of the most expensive real estate on the planet: VR. Are people going to walk farther if the space is nice enough? How many express routes do you need to make enough people feel they are going fast? What kind of tunnels can you make that don't make drivers feel cramped, or hypnotized by flashing lights? Some goggles, treadmills, car simulators, and build yourself a city.

The Avenging Eagle: kind of bad, but in HD.


Imposter: good story, cast, all gone horribly wrong

Nightcrawler: The true star is, of course, the blue Tercel.


Ajin: that's the stuff.

Sally gets a visit from the Winter Veil Helper
Sally gets a visit from the Winter Veil Helper


There needs to be some better way to block traffic on a server from China, Russia, and India. One might say that is pointless with vpns or bot nets, but they clearly aren't bothering with that now.


Spring 2016 Anime

Ajin: ep1: the character animation is exceedingly janky, and it fails my chigaiyooooo test, but the art is nice, and I like the opening and fast pace so far.


Documentary Now!: odd, but ultimately unsatisfying. Maybe just the last 2-parter left me down on it.

"I work seven days a week, from morning to night. There is no other way." * Sure there is. "We have no retirement savings, because we emptied a small 401(k) to pay for our younger daughter’s wedding." Seriously, dude, WTF? The author might have dug himself into a hole, but as he pointed out, all those choices were choices he made in order to follow The American Dream, which is at this point a mirage leading you further into the wastelands. Accept that 3/4 of the country are what used to be considered working poor. The working poor for generations still had adequate lifestyles. They didn't have exotic vacations, or nuclear medicine (that was a 3k$ "financial shock" for the PET scan last month), but they could still be happy, educated. They could produce a generation slightly better than the previous.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code: Better code support than Atom, but still not an IDE.


Sette: He'll only eatcha at night


Hinterland #2: Cyrmo is some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland. (Apocalypse Type 253: everybody just gives up one day.) Everything, except for the gloriously maintained 1 lane road, seems to be fallling apart or completely empty. They had one random actress on who out-shone everyone else, and there are a number of cant-unsee tics they keep doing.

Nice to know that while there are ceilings on some taxes, like Social Security, there's apparently no floor on self-employment:

Your Taxable Income$0
Federal Taxes You Owe$3,267

A lonely place to die: best on the mountain.


Archer 6: nothing really new. Not complaining, necessarily.

Apple's Night Shift doesn't work on either of my phones. One isn't running 9.3, so sure, but the other phone is up to date, but Apple can't get the hardware to do what f.lux did? You can try and fake it with Settings-General-Accessibility-Increase Contrast-Reduce White Point and Darken Color. It's not really noticeable, though, and does not cut out the blue, which is the point. I have been running f.lux at lower setting even during the day. It takes a second for f.lux to catch up when I quit WoW's full screen. (I don't know why that happens, as f.lux seems to cover WoW while it is running.) I can not believe how blue things are supposed to look. The laptop seems to have a much truer white. Also I usually have video running on it and never use it at night.

The Code: possibly the best use of technology in a TV show I've yet seen. Also contains Lucy Lawless, which is always a plus.


Special ID: fights are not so good, the plot lost me completely 10 min in.

Commitment: guy looks like a Korean Leonard Nimoy. I think I might have made that comment about this guy before. A few too many action movie cliches.

He never died: the twist is kind of silly, but great job getting there. I wish my hair would do that.


The Shaolin Temple: the dog?

Brotherhood of Blades: the end is a bit odd.

Tracks: not entirely the Shack Lifestyle. The Shack is the destination, not the journey. Also she seemed to be a bit of a nutter.

Homeopaths without Borders: place a molecule of something in any ocean, and the whole planet is covered in properly diluted medicine.

Blade of the Phantom Master: looks like a pilot episode, but has its moments. Though the Phantom Master is the only one there without a blade...

Barbarella: Surprisingly not terrible. Not subtle about anything, but Barbarella has a few nice quips.

Chinese Zodiac: No cat, though I think JC is the incarnation of the Monkey God, or something. How old is he now?


Skin Trade: contains far too many loving shots of a half naked Dolf. Also, nobody speaks great English.

No tears for the dead: good movie, though the English bits should also have been subtitled.

Short Term 12: unsteady cam, didn't finish.

w/ Bob & David: too short. more!

Was going to watch Blade Runner on Netflix, but it wasn't high def. I have the dvd.


"Back in the earlier days of Wikipedia, each of the-then 400 Pokémon had their own article. While you might not be surprised to find Pikachu, the most enduring and popular creature from the series, you probably would not need a separate article on Bellsprout." * As the one-time owner of the world's largest (which is to say only) Bellsprout fan site, I would beg to differ. Spoopy's insane turtle juice story is surely worth a mention, and one of the few Pokémon to get a name, even if it is "Spoopy". One of the few Pokémon to beat Pikachu in a straight-up fight was a Bellsprout, too. Bellsprouts are also one of the few Pokémon that didn't just say their own name, having a subdued honking call.


I just noticed that VEAS and the entire account got removed from youtube. I probably should have archived that while I had the chance. Nearly everything that remains by any of the people involved is years old. The whole "abridged" scene seems to be long dead. This is a shame. Eventually every fan-work will be illegal. Cut up, re-dubbed, recontextualized? Illegal video. Those crazy dudes who act out Anime while wearing weird masks? Uses the original music, so illegal. Performing the music yourself: too similar, illegal. Ironically, from one remaining page, a 2 years dead Twitter account: "I go by Cassius when I discuss Shakespeare, which is much of the time". Hmm, Shakespeare. Almost as if the ability to endless remix and perform variations on a work might be vitally important features in keeping it alive for 400 years.

Hidden Tiger, Crouching Netflix: I’m not sure what, if anything, it had to do with the other movie, given, as mentioned in the credits, it is based on a set of books. Did have some decent kung fu and was directed by Yuen Woo Ping, which explains all the tai chi.

"As it happened, few of the nineteenth-century utopian colonies looked anything like what their citizens had hoped for. They set out to raise granite palaces and feast on peach cobbler; they often ended up with drafty shacks, hard labor, and cold beans." * But what if they planned on an insulated shack and industrial grade Meat? Would that not be an achievable Utopia?

Article supporting the Shack Life. Our math is the same.

Mind Game: of course, right after I complain about the lack of content, I find this, if buried down in the 2 stars. Very weird.

I dropped Netflix's disc subscription because there were loads of queued discs, but none shipping. I think I may have hit that with the streaming. I have a lot of series in the queue waiting for next seasons, but not a single movie recommendation I've gotten in the last year have been on the service. Now that I've already watched all the anime on Crunchyroll, I've got nothing but 1-2 starred movies.

7 Deadly Sins: the Netflix anime. Not terrible. I stand by my theory that Christian imagery in anime is a touch of doom, though it abandons the concept pretty fast. What the hell is a fox sin, anyway? I did like Ban. There are also not 7 of them.


While I'm getting political news from Ars Technica, Scalia. The neighbors, who I shall refer to as the Flanders, were watching Star Trek last weekend. This seemed out of character, given the Friday Bible study group. Worse, the episode "Return of Archons" is about a computer, Landru, that has held a society in stasis for centuries. Kirk gives Landru a stern talking to, and Landru agrees to let the society evolve. All religion that relies on an untouchable magisterium, and Scalia's untouchable Constitution, aim for a stasis, in which the golden age, having been determined as the way things were when you were younger and music still made sense, must continue forever. In the same way as trusting all important decisions to bronze age zelots' bed time stories seems a tad irresponsible to everyone else (I wasn't thinking about the religion you are thinking of.), believing that the founders' intent a) was unified and knowable b) was not the complete opposite of his opinion (such as disagreeing with both the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. If you are going to order off the menu, just admit you are making stuff up. That's ok, you are on the Supreme Court.) (or Maryland v. King: "Perhaps the construction of such a genetic panopticon is wise. But I doubt that the proud men who wrote the charter of our liberties would have been so eager to open their mouths for royal inspection." He personally doesn't have a problem with a genetic panopticon, but the Founders, you see, wouldn't have liked it. Despite citing the top repeatedly, he did not cite the signatures at the bottom of the Declaration. The landowners got their land via charters, so their name was enough to tell the "royal inspectors" where they lived. They knew signing it meant victory or death. Adding DNA to it would hardly have mattered, except that the document mailed to the King would been considerably more moist. If you commit a crime, it is your patriotic duty to leave a signature there, one way or another. That is what the Founders wanted.) c) would be not abhorrent to modern society (slaves, compromises about slaves, or even the concept that only the wealthiest white male landowner was worthy enough to rebel against his government (given that the US government has been crushing revolt by everyone else since 1783)) d) would be at all relevant to the particulars of every case, seems a bit like an abdication of will, a "submission", if you know what I mean. Unique among the god-computers that get Kirk-ed, Landru does not explode. It is possible to accept new ideas. So here's to the Supreme Court's Weyoun. Perhaps the next clone will be a little more flexible.

Terrorist or Trump:

  1. Our group is under attack.
  2. The enemy is responsible for this injustice.
  3. We must defend our traditions.
  4. The use of violence is the only way to defend our beliefs.
  5. Our violent actions will result in a better future.


Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store: live action, high levels of weirdness Works. The documentation is definitely beta, and it would be nice to not necessarily do unattended OS upgrades, or do that for every cert. The docs mention a non -auto, but it doesn't seem to be a public app any more. Might also be nice to be able to do more than one cert at a time, given the extreme start-up times for python and the virtual environment. I still like, but lets is certainly an easier experience, (after the initial install, which starts "just run this shell script" and doesn't mention where it comes from. Also, for all the crap it did install, it did not upgrade python.) and is much easier for me, who might control a website but not necessarily the whois entry data. If they could slim down the requirements and the basic experience to something like it would be nicer

One of my alarm tones (murlocs) on the phone suddenly became silent. I thought the calendar had gotten de-synched, or the settings turned off, but no, you can't play the sound any more. Re-synching the phone doesn't help.

Uncanny: adequate. I would like to point out Netflix's comments are getting worse. Everything has one or more comments from the GamerGaters or Tumblerinas, who frequently have clearly not even finished the movie, yet feel compelled to write 1000 word essays about how offensive it is to have people behave in whatever way they don't like. This movie managed to offend both, at least.

Last of Us: sometimes irritating with the "Press X to pay respects" style of interaction, Joel's RP walk speed, and this is probably not a great game to play after Fallout4 (both in the sense that they have all the same elements but don't work at all the same way, and F4's faces are terrible in comparison.). It does play to my fear of a fungocalypse. I could have sworn there was supposed to be some moral choice at the end. Perhaps there was, but I missed it in the hail of gunfire.


What cities of the future can learn from brutalism: "For fairness, let's get the mistake out of the way first. Brutalist buildings paid far too much heed to cars. Their rigid segregation of people and cars and their shameless kowtowing before the internal combustion engine made spaces that weren't friendly for pedestrians and underpasses which no one liked being in." I would argue that the goal is good, but that the giant empty pedestrian spaces are the error. That same space could be used as a multi-level parking garage, and the roof would be the same pedestrian area. Add a cafe or food carts, perhaps some performance areas, and it becomes a human space again. By setting the building apart as a monument, it becomes disconnected from the network. Because of my age, these sorts of buildings are often the background of the future, so I have a fondness for them.

I think BBK/BRNK is falling into an uncanny valley between drawing and Rwby style cg. It's an achievement of the animation software to look so "realistic", but also serves to highlight how stiff and poorly timed the transitions look. I tried to write that software, and didn't get anywhere near where this is, so I do appreciate the effort. The show is not that good, which is another matter.

The Descent: decent. Would have been scarier if it was nothing but squeezing through the rocks. I may be excessively tall, but there's no way I would do that.

The Pintrest plugin does not work in porn-mode, which I stay in for all sites not requiring a login, including my main random image site. This would not be an issue with the bookmarklet or droplet, which could hard-code the url.

The Pintrest plugin started doing the dom injection hover thing all of a sudden. I knew I wasn't imagining that. I'll live with that for a while.

Pintrest appears to be mostly marketing of listicles, memes, and pictures of high end sinks. In other words, the internet. Or at least that's what it thinks I should be looking at. I'm pretty sure inviting anyone to view my board would get them linkedin levels of spam. Their plugin, for Safari, at least, doesn't seem to be doing that dom injection thing that lets you hover over individual images. It does get an image and the source, sort of. It does not get the actual url, nor would it get a source link (an embedded flickr image linking to the flickr source, not the random image site I found it on, for example). So it does some of what I wanted. As is typical for zillion dollar internet companies, I could have coded it better, if I had the energy, or not waste so much time playing Fallout. Or writing this website. Or becoming depressed about how I'm not an internet zillionaire just because I'm lazy.

A bookmarklet to nab the url, a server app to get the url, archive the intended image's md5 for searching if the link goes down, and a display page with the link out, or ideally an embedded image? The url would need to be the page, so I could adquately credit the source, but picking an image out of a list would require a pintrest style add-on. A desktop app would work, too, as Safari seems to put the source into the images it saves, so it must be available somehow. I should probably look-up what pintrest is actually doing these days.

I think I might give up on Danbooru as a regular art source. It takes a lot of work to filter out the wrong kinds of filth, but, worse, they haven't gotten any of the recent art of a couple of my favorite artists, and are in the process of blocking Jedi Bruce Lee with light-nunchuks as being "not anime or high quality". I used to just surf random Japanese art sites when I was unable to sleep. As the web became more popular, this method couldn't keep up. I started following daily some site I can't recall the name of, but they started uploading censored versions of images (do, or do not, there is no uploading your own censorship.). Danbooru's complete lack of censorship was fixable with the tags, but now I think the thousands of Touhou images I filtered out were the intended product, not the sewage to wade through while searching for ucchiey. At least parts of Pixiv are in English, now. I'm considering setting up my own image stream/pintrest, throwing any image I see anywhere and might consider sharing or archiving into a board or photostream, but it seems like too much work. Also, while I have access to near unlimited bandwith, my cloud disk space is kind of tight.


This site:

World of tomorrow (2015): very weird.

Like father, like son: I liked it, though I also liked the other architect, who seemed to have embraced the shack life instead.

Podcast: I haven't seen it. Fun, but the audio quality is terrible, and it is too dirty to turn up loud. They seem to be doing local recording, but don't edit it the way Jason Snell does, so somebody is always remote and barely audible. Speaking of which, I wonder if it would be easier to use non-sip-based voice chat, like Mumble. You can increase the voice quality / bandwidth up to 96kbs, which, iirc, is 3x phone quality.


Helix season 1: B horror movie, stretched out into a series. Does contain Jeri Ryan, if briefly. Skipping season 2 as the comments say it is a disaster. Would have been better if it had ended, like a arctic bioresearch arc, if they weren't going to do anything.

Fallout 4 should have a tower defense mode, in which you could taunt neighboring enemies and provoke waves of invaders. "Defend the Castle" was the only time in the game it really put a settlement's defenses to the test. Usually things get turned into vast fields of bits by the rocket launchers.

Completed a Minuteman victory for Sette's Sette-lers. Evacuated the Institute, still friendly with both BOS and Railroad, and didn't expose That One, so everybody is happy. Level 72, after doing a lot of side quests, so it was mostly a genial stroll through the Institute. 10x sneak attacks are devastating, though I'm glad I picked up the Last Minute gauss rifle at the last minute. There were so many synths running around shooting at my Minutemen (only lost one) that I had to fire without stealth a lot, and with no heavy weapon perks, missiles don't do that much damage. (or else only my super buffed scoped rifles do adequate damage on Hard. in retrospect, I also should have reset the Overseer's back to .45.) 1 courser gave me trouble, because once it stealthed I couldn't toss grenades into my own men or just wait it out. It killed the one Minuteman, then Strong kept it busy while I took out everyone else. All the other coursers and legendaries got head-shot. Defend the Castle was also super easy, and combined gun-fu and penetrator is ridiculous, though I made a mistake and did not have redundant power supplies for a couple of forward missile launchers. The generator was way in the back, so I'm not sure how they hit it and not the launchers. However, the settlers were extravagantly armed, including 3 x-01 (mostly) power frames. At the end, a courser was running away from a settler firing a minigun and another with an assault rifle. The vats cam had a close up on its disappointed face with all that in the background as my sniper shot put it down. I already hit the build cap on a number of sette-lments, so I'm not sure what to do next, if anything. Never did get that one settlement in the southwest. Should get caught up on my anime.

I was trying to deliver Virgil's cure, but he tried to kill me. Turns out, a known bug with the targeting hud.


I would also like to complain that SW7 had the exploding planets visible from other planets thing again, and in general removed all sense of distance from everything.

Star Wars 7: NO SPOILERS I liked it. I don't think the plot or dialog was particularly challenging, in that I was coming up with better quips as I watched it. Nice concepts, nice forests, nice no-ewoks. Nice use of the original cast, though odd use of Max von Sydow. He seemed to be somebody I should know, and I had the suspicion that he was in the prequels and I had blocked that memory, but he wasn't. Did not like poofy hair's poofy hair, or juvenile petulance. Also there's a couple of pretty major events that were just mentioned in passing. Serious character motivations are again something like "oh, you need to see a tv show that will come out in 3 years to understand that.", like exactly what the government is, and its relationship to all these factions. You can't throw out the expanded universe then not explain your own necessary canon backstory! In short, it is no where near episode 4, but also not episode 1. Without Harrison Ford's performance, it would be a decent but forgettable CGI blockbuster, such as any Marvel movie. Now to listen to The Incomparable's 8 hour in-depth review and nerd-out.

2016 Winter Anime

Winner: tricky: I could see a lot of the more experimental shows failing to deliver, leaving KONOSUBA at the top, which does little but does it well. Until then, Erased.


The Expanse: episode 1: not impressed. The fx are worse than The 100, characters even more cliched and irritating, and the SyFy channel's player is irritating.

Perl6: Also hoping it will end up as widely supported as original Perl. If I have to install a VM, I might as well use Java, or Go, both of which have nicer multithreading. Though Gather/Take would be nice feature for threads, like all() in Q.

Perl6: I'm struck by how much of it looks like weird forms of standard OOP, as if somebody had all the same tools but removed the planning and rigor OOP generally requires. Javascript's entire closure thing is in there, but it's embedded as a variable "twigil" and not mentioned again. Will continue to look into it. Would be nice to have access to a faster engine than PHP or NodeJS, though I'm also looking into PHP7, which is definitely much faster. The unofficial centos doesn't have memcached, and ubuntu 14.04 LTS will never support it. I should probably switch that to current, at least on the dev server, anyway. Or go back to compiling everything critical from source.

The 100 season 2: Still keeping it 100. Though while many characters acquired plot armor, my favorite minor character died. True anime style mega-angst would have killed off a major character and promoted a minor one up.

Only 2 possible settlements remaining. One last irritation: you have to empty out the workshops. When it breaks down gear in your bags, the remainder ends up in the workshop, so using 1 out of a shipment drops the other 24 in the workshop, and you have none at the next site.

Turns out you can't actually complete Danse without the main questline, so I had maxed him out a while back and didn't notice, but all the others' perks aren't as nice for this play style, anyway. Although there is apparently a bug in Cait's text, so it kicks in on low AP, not health, which would be somewhat more useful for me.

I lost a lot of cutting fluid and mining hats when I stashed them in a corpse which then disappeared, even though other corpses mere meters away did not. Other bodies move back if I try to get rid of them. Also doing the "Take All" at a workshop takes everything, not just the junk you are looking at. I abused the fast-travel perk to carry more than 1000 pounds of junk as I set up 4 new Sette-lments. I think there are just the 4 more to the south, and I have quests to 3.

I had to pick up Hancock to get him to talk about the quest I was on, but I'm still working on Danse, so I sent him to Taffington. After a super mutant attack, I found him dead.

Fallout Sette hits level 50. With the knife (Pickman's or Tooth? Can't decide.) or Overseer's gun, I can insta-kill pretty much anything. (I re-chambered that to .38, just because I had a lot of ammo, and another .308, but I think it works much better, much less recoil.) Still haven't gotten very far with the main series quest line, but have done a lot more side quests. Biggest irritation this time: very early on, Preston's quests were very far east. That, and getting side-tracked repeatedly, meant I didn't get around to having as many settlements yet. I found and acquired several sette-lments on my own. I have provisioners running out to Country Crossing, but that's as far as I want to risk sending them. The Iron Works is where I saw a poor provisioner repeatedly getting burned, collapsing, getting up only to be burned again, so I'm avoiding that area. It is irritating having to plan for the materials needed to start up a settlement, but I also got the Strong Back, so I can load up all the junk at the Nevergreen, carry it to a new site, and then carry it back. I also have 3 major farms running, so I can buy more shipments. Never upgrading or repairing power armor has proved to be a big savings in the mats used for generators and missile launchers.

Binchou-tan is better
Project Binchoustan awakens.

Flat year on the S&P, huge medical bills, and I can't log in to my 401K account. Still: it is enough money for Shack Life, the medical nest egg covered the bills, and I have 20 years to figure out how to get into my 401k account. I'm going to try and find a rental shack this summer. I still have too many doctor visits to actually move into a shack.

New design notes: I was going to trace Sette in SVG to do the scaling thing it is doing, but I came across the JPEG overscale/max-compression trick: make a really huge image, and compress it way down. At 72DPI, the browser's re-scaled version blurs out all the compression artifacts, and at 200+DPI, the artifacts are individual retina pixels and not really noticeable. The resulting image is much smaller than 80-99 compressed JPEGs, and much easier than dealing with than multiple resolutions for various retina displays. The one drawback is I don't think it does the high contrast text that well, but then that's a problem with JPEG in general.
I should really learn how to do color in vector graphics. I can trace the lines and fill simple shapes, but painting with color escapes me entirely. What I could do is filter the image to separate out each color, use potrace or something on that monochrome image, then re-assemble all the layers. That seems like a lot of work, and I'm pretty sure that's not how pros do it.
I also added the mailto: to the email address. I already get so much spam on that account I'm considering abandoning it, or at least not checking it as much. I thought the 3-5 spam a week was bad until I looked in the the Junk folder, and saw the 1200 from the last 30 days. Ironically, the spam trap email address at yahoo gets no spam in the inbox, due to their superior filtering. The work gmail account gets no spam (depending on if you count the Indian devs' cold calls as spam) and the seldom used personal gmail account only gets mail from the bank.

2015 Drivel

My sole remaining career goal is to live in a shack in the woods. No more resumes!

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